Royal Star French Bulldogs

Our wish is to bring happiness to every family with the addition of an amazing, lovable, intelligent and beautiful little French Bulldog Puppy.

Known Nationwide For Producing Five-Star Royal Frenchies For 7+ Years

Known Nationwide For Producing Five-Star Royal Frenchies
For 5+ Years

We are pleased to welcome you to the Royal Star Frenchie Family and hope you can join us and be part of it. We are absolutely in love and adore this one of a kind breed. We want every family to experience life with a Frenchie. This glamorous breed is the queen of all dogs and beautifies any home.

These dogs spread good vibes wherever they go, so If you’re looking for a sweet family dog to love, you have come to the right place!

Specializing in Exotic colors!

Being one of the very first to produce exotic colors, such as Blues, Merles, Pieds, and occasionally Lilacs, we breed with the highest standards only. Bringing outstanding French Bulldog puppies to families around the US to love on. We put all our heart and soul into raising each individual puppy until they leave our home to ensure our adopting families have a happy & healthy companion for life.

Please do your research on this breed so you are well informed and prepared before adding a French Bulldog baby to your life. Visit our blog for more information about the breed.

November 21, 2019

Personal Delivery

We offer the option of personal delivery of puppy for are adopting families in the United States. we booked the flights after deposit has been placed and discuss the date…
November 4, 2019

About The French Bulldog Breed

French bulldogs overall are well tempered. They are friendly, affectionate, and typically get along with other dogs/breeds well, especially if they have been well socialized from puppy stage. While their…
November 4, 2019

All About The Ears

When will my puppy’s ears stand up? Puppy’s ears can stand any time between 4 weeks and 4 months of age and sometimes not both at the same time. Once…