Every one of our French Bulldog Mamas has been with us from puppy stage. Some of our Mamas we have kept from our own litters and others we hand selected from incredible American and European bloodlines. They are all in perfect health, and are the absolute example what a French bulldog should look like – well-built, stocky, box head, short – perfection! We only breed the highest of quality dogs to produce healthy, stunning, and flawless puppies that stand out from others. Our reputation precedes us.

Birdie – This sweet mamma is one of our keepers. We bred her here in our home and left for ourselves. She had my heart from early stages and I absolutely fell in love with her when she whimpered every time I left the room. I knew she got attached to me so I had to leave her for myself. She has the sweetest little shy personality and my kids adore her! She a is a spoiled lady and to this day follows me around everywhere I go! We love her dearly and her pups will be the most precious angels with a mama like her!

Bella – Our gorgeous Blue Fawn French Bulldog. We have had her since puppy stage we fell in love with her and kept her from one of our previous litters. She is an amazing family pet and is so great with our kids. Her temperament is on the mellow side, she loves to cuddle in the house when we give her attention and run around with us outside when we go out for walks. She has the perfect body and face structure for a beautiful French Bulldog.

Dam: Lucy Blue

Our Queen Lucy is the Mama of our newest stunning Frenchie Babies! Lucy is a Blue Tan carries Chocolate and is the most amazing Mama so caring, sweet and calm. She has been an amazing addition to our family since puppy stage. She has the best personality and has so much love to give to her puppies and her hoomans! Her puppies will make the best Family pets. Her face and body structure are absolutely perfect for a French Bulldog.

Sire: Midas Platinum

Daddy of our newest fur babies! This unbelievably stunning Platinum French Bulldog Midas! He exceeds every expectation of what a French Bulldog stud should be. His stunning coat color is a show stopper. His excellent body structure and the cutest smushy face gets him all the attention. His personality is perfect for a family pet. He loves to go on walks and of course shows off when people swoon over him. All of his babies are beyond perfection.