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We offer the option of personal delivery of puppy for are adopting families in the United States. we booked the flights after deposit has been placed and discuss the date for pickup with the buyer. We try and make it as convenient as possible for the family and give them a few options of flights that are available. We only booked the flights once both parties agree of the date and time. We personally fly the puppy or if we can’t we have our immediate family members help deliver.

What goes into delivery cost

Delivery fee is based on location and how far in advance we are able to book a flight. Expenses that go into delivery of puppy are the flights there and back, cabin pet fee for the airline, health certificate for puppy, our time and effort and how far in advance the flight is booked.

We only fly into major airports. Reason is the smaller airports are more expensive which result in a higher delivery cost and also there are multiple layovers which make it harder for the puppy.

How the flight goes

Puppy sits in a soft side carrier under the seat in front of us. We give puppy a toy to help them through the flight, also give water to puppy throughout the flight. We open the front zipper of the carrier so puppies able to look out. If there’s a layover we take the puppy out and let them walk around for a bit. Our Frenchies always do great on flights and usually sleep through the whole thing.

Responsibility of Buyer

We let you know in advance of arrival of our flight and ask you to be there on time with the payment ready in cash, as we fly back home the same day and usually have a short window to meet deliver the puppy. Please ask any questions before the delivery so you are prepared to take the Frenchie home. We give you all the paperwork, a sample food bag, and a toy with the puppy. Please bring your own carrier, leash and collar.  

We try to make the flights as easy as possible for our Frenchie babies. 

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