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French bulldogs overall are well tempered. They are friendly, affectionate, and typically get along with other dogs/breeds well, especially if they have been well socialized from puppy stage. While their worst temperamental flaw is that they can be a bit stubborn, they are exceptionally patient and are NOT quick to aggression.


  • French bulldogs are relatively sensitive and can get upset if yelled at. Never underestimate the power of the tone of your voice.
  • Because Frenchies are top heavy and have short bodies, they absolutely cannot swim. They need to use a great deal of force just to keep their head above water. Therefore, they sink like rocks.
  • They don’t regulate body temperature very well and are prone to overheating. It’s vital to keep them hydrated and not push them too hard especially in hot weather.
  • Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are prone to weight gain. An overweight Frenchie is at a much greater risk of developing serious medical conditions. Keep a watch on how much your French bulldog is eating and if needed adjust their diet.

French bulldogs are relatively easy to train. Despite their extremely short attention span, they are incredibly smart and have the ability to learn quickly. They don’t require much exercise so they do really good in smaller spaces/homes. A short walk a day or some time playing in the yard will help maintain a healthy French bulldog baby.

This breed was specifically bred to be great companions and is generally known as the perfect adaptable family dog. They are amazing with children are connect strongly to humans. They aren’t big barkers although they are quite the talkative breed. Their own little language consists of yawns, yips, snoring and gargles.

These dogs spread good vibes wherever they go! If you still don’t own one, you are missing out!

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